Longexposure Black And White - Photography By Azore

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The Long Wooden Pier, At Rotary Park

On an early morning photo hunt I discovered a park in Titusville Florida, called "The Rotary Park" the park itself is very small no swings, or slides for kids. However it does host an extremely long and sturdy fishing pier. As I stood on the edged of the pier images dance in my mind of the many ways I could creatively photograph this scene. Once I decided on the image to make I went about unpacking my tripod and camera. The image before you is just one of many I captured on that early morning. The morning light changes quickly witch can change the dynamics of a scene rather quickly. Therefore once the sun reached a certain position in the sky the light became to overwhelming to continue shooting, this also changed the way I saw the scene altogether. The way the sunlight effects a landscape will determine if it’s feeble to keep shooting or pack it up and for me it was time to head home to the light room.

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